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Legendary Montana Fly Fishing

Quality Gear, Experienced Guides, Honest Info

On The Water For Over 30 Years

Our Big Sky, Montana fly fishing trips showcase the great waters of Montana and Yellowstone Park. From our central location we fish the planet’s highest concentration of world class, wild fish fly fishing waters. We offer day trips, lodging packages, and custom fly fishing adventures. Our year-round fly shop on the Gallatin River is our home base and we fish all of Montana’s best waters. Our online store is open all the time.

Since 1984, Gallatin River Guides has been a year-round source for fly fishing the Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone, and Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. We fish a ton. With over 150 years combined guiding and fishing experience, that is all we do and we do it well. From beginner to expert, from the Madison River to a technical spring creek, we are your source for all things fishy under Montana’s Big Sky.

Our Year-Round Fly Fishing Trips

Big Sky Montana fly fishing trips and guides

We offer guided Montana fly fishing trips and lodging packages in Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana during spring, summer, fall, and winter on the planet's best waters near Big Sky Ski Resort and Bozeman, Montana.

We've been fly fishing in Montana for 34 years and counting. Simply put: we are the real deal for Montana fly fishing near Big Sky and Bozeman. Some great folks exist in the fishing biz in Montana. We just think we are the bee's knees. The cat's meow. The cherry on top. The folks in the know about the Gallatin River, Madison River, Yellowstone River, or Missouri River. 

We love fishing dry flies to uneducated trout. We seek-out hatches and enjoy the challenge of head-hunting. We don't always use strike indicators, but if we have to, we get after it. At times we also TweetFacebook, and Trip Advisor. 

Our winter fly fishing trips near Big Sky ski resort are very popular as well as our summer fly fishing trips near Big Sky and Bozeman with professional fishing guides. Our fishing trips are a great addition to any Big Sky, Montana vacation. Our fly fishing trips enjoy Montana's premier fly fishing waters. Our professional Montana fly fishing guides help you experience fly fishing in our beautiful state. From the spring creeks to the high peaks, we are your source for Montana trout on the fly.

Contact us today to learn more. 

Staying at Big Sky Resort? No problem. We're fifteen minutes away. 

Big Sky and Bozeman Montana Fishing

Big Sky and Bozeman Montana fly fishing Yellowstone River

Our location in the mountains of southwest Montana, just outside Yellowstone National Park and near Big Sky Ski Resort is a fly fisher's dream. If you're not sure what river to fish...fish all the best with one our Big Sky, Montana fly fishing guides. Got more than a day consider them all: the Gallatin River, the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, Yellowstone National Park, and private spring creeks

Our winter fly fishing trips are an ideal way to mix skiing at Big Sky Resort and catching a Montana trout. 

Want to fish waters that are a little less known, contact us with a phone number, and we'll call you back on a secure line...

Contact us today to start planning. 

Fishing and Lodging Package Trips

Gallatin River Big Sky Montana fly fishing

Need a new fly fishing adventure? Looking for the perfect trip for you or someone you know? Thinking about a winter fly fishing trip?

Discover our Montana fly fishing and lodging packages. Our very popular fly fishing and lodging packages are simple, cover all budgets, and get you on the best waters at the best times.

Want to increase your angling skills or learn to row a drift boat? Then take one of our week-long fly fishing guide schools. 

Our Montana fly fishing packages offer the best fishing, local guides, and a variety of lodging options to suit all tastes.

Waters fished can include the Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone, Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, Yellowstone National Park, Missouri, secret creeks, and private lakes.

Contact us today to book your trip.  

We’ve fished all over the world but will return again and again to fish with Gallatin River Guides and crew. We had fun and fishy guides, access to amazing public and private waters, lodging, and food that left us stuffed. These guys and gals truly live the dream, and we got to live it, too. Greg & Jeff Shrader

Montana Fly Fishing Schools

Fly Fishing Schools and Montana Fishing Schools

Our Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana fly fishing schools occur on Montana's best waters with the area's best guides and instructors. We offer The Montana Fishing Guide School and The Montana Women's Fly Fishing School. Based in the Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana fly fishing wonderland, our fishing schools help you or someone you know discover Montana fly fishing on our wild trout rivers. For many days you or they can experience the best of Montana's fly fishing with our professional fly fishing guides.

Our fishing guide school will hone your skills and prepare you for a career as a Montana fly fishing guide on the Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone, and Missouri Rivers and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. 

The Montana Women's Fly Fishing School was created "To educate, enlighten, and inspire women fly fishers in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. To fish and have fun."

Contact us today to reserve a spot in any of our fly fishing schools.

Montana Trout Spey Fishing

Montana Trout Spey Fishing

Montana trout spey fishing is here to stay. Spey casting began on The River Spey in the mid-1800s to help cover a large body of water while fishing for salmon. Today the popularity of fishing two-handed rods is growing and we’re proud to be a part of this exciting new way to catch your favorite trout. The first spey casters used 22-foot rods and casting was a tedious affair. Today, spey casting rods are typically between 11 and 16 feet long, and offer up both accuracy and distance.

In the U.S., spey casting first became popular in the Pacific Northwest on large coastal waters like the Skagit River. Over the past decade, spey casting’s popularity has grown beyond coastal waters to include our local streams, such as the Gallatin, Yellowstone, Madison, and Missouri Rivers.

We offer rods, complete outfits, and instruction to introduce you to Montana trout spey fishing. 

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings in the world of trout spey.

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